Artist Statement


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Intricately detailed drawing has always been at the core of my practice as I explore the physical manifestations of a psyche in turmoil, and the ever-shifting relationship between our inner and outer worlds.  Interweaving themes of interdependency, accountability, vulnerability and resilience, I focus on how powerful internal emotions can be embodied, often using elements of the external landscape as metaphors for these intense psychological states.  Much of my work involves a deeply personal psychological scrutiny in order to confront the more difficult aspects of human experience.


Inspired by a long background in dance and theatre, many of my drawings are based on photographs of myself immersed in isolated locations, undertaking solitary performances witnessed only by a remote-controlled camera.  Adopting various personas and postures, these 'performances' are unrehearsed, spontaneous physical reactions to the topography around me that oscillate between awe, despair, melancholy, discomfort and solace.  They are both an act of endurance, and a private moving meditation whereby I transcend the physical landscape and turn inwards to a state of deep introspection.


Alongside making works on paper, I also incorporate translucent materials suspended from above, large-scale site-specific drawings, projections and soundscapes into my practice.  The apparent simplicity of drawing belies its expansive potential to translate across other media when combined with the transformative effects of space, light, scale and sound to create immersive experiences.  My ultimate aim is to create work that has a potent physical and emotional presence.





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